Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Don't forget what you think........

At some point between the 2nd and 3rd cocktail Saturday afternoon, I had an epiphany. Here was a concept that would completely change my life - not quite returning to the old glory days, but moving ahead in a manner most appropriate to my own circumstances. As earthshattering a revelation as it was, I did manage to lose it somewhere between the kitchen and the trash bin. Once again, true greatness slips my grasp - Never mind. I think I'll aim for something less cerebral and throw a party.
Perhaps members of my book club would enjoy a little soiree featuring teasers from my next book (note to self: write something) I could write little excerpts and use them as party favours instead of silly hats and coated chocolates. That way I could save all the coated chocolates for myself. (and the silly hats for the cat's next sitting with Desmond, the photog.)
Further, if I write the excerpts and make a game out of putting them together, they may actually write the book for me, and I could just nod and say the appropriate "Well done!" "Excellent!" "How clever of you to know!" - meanwhile, I'll make sure to hide the recorder under the chaise lounge. You know, I think this concept may have merit to it - even more so than that famous American author (she who shall not be named) (but you know the one - all the books are on computer, then she does a name change on all the main characters, change of occupation and voila! a new book! - ingenious really)
I shall serve lunch! Yes indeed, a book-ish lunch would be ideal. Must get to work on the menu immediately.

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